Path of West Influence Food Chain of East

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"Smells like a Rose" said...

Qoute, translated:

"Industrialist interest are concerned from UNICEF and World Health Organization to enforce Iodized Salt" - first 2/3 of 2nd graff.

Can someone provide better translation?

Research these two organizations and you find the political US influence involved.

Most recently India companies lobby to regulate salt, that only iodized salt be sold in India.

1. Small vendors would find difficulty to afford such salt, and they may well go out of business.
2. The reasons of "science" are a distortation of truth.
a. Ionized salt is an artificial process and element and the proposition that it prevents a certain kind of disease only applies to very small population that live at high altitudes.
b. The human body naturally creates enough iodine from breakdown of other sources.

Coca Cola has already bought Thumbs Up and Thumbs Up has changed their formula to use processed sugar "High Fruitose Corn Syrup."

This sort of contamination of the food chain with artificial processes and components: is it against vedic science.

It has been shown, that an element the body creates on it's own may not have that chemical mechanism in their offspring with dependence come from artificial source.

If we put artificial elements and processes in our foods, our bodies will adjust accordingly and form some dependencies.

This has gone on many decades in the West, mostly US.

Do you want this path of "progress" or westernized "science" for India?