Light Scry #5 w/ Sid and Crystal Ball

I noticed recently, again:

Some stores ridding their stock of incandescent bulbs, what was ushered almost in action over 1 year ago, that CFL bulbs would replace them. "Invisible" war or isolated move? I maintain fluorescent bulbs as hemlock, tasteless and traceless but in the case of mercury gas D/C light, of which express a limited and sometimes overtly negative spectrum of light is deadly to our spirit and soul. As far of level of productivity each provide, it is not brightness, but spectrum and source, and a modest number of lux that set the mood and conduced e-motion for prime productivity AND well being.

Besides, fluorescent and CFL bulbs, however you may be sold how money saving and efficient they are, when disposed they are poison to the earth.

A 40 watt or less incandescent is prime.

Keep an eye or force out for any new type of light besides LED and incandescent that would challenge the CFL and fluorescent "COOLAID" we have all been born into accepting the last 40/50 years?


Latest Scry (#4):

Shows scry from #3 at start. Confirms a double standard between candle light and A/C LED light. My typical LED bulb was unavail so I was able to scry the LED on the electronic piano. Same parallels between the different LED (bulb vs. electric piano). Some may recall my first experience, the fading LED on the old powerbook g4 laptops were also scryable, which initialized my awareness of this non-locality gateway. Not sure how, unless there is an A/C inversion to that LED light in those old powerbooks.

I'll do something to connect the aleatoric to the scrying on the concept of observatory and awareness affect or flux in the feedback relationship on consciousness awareness and universal mind, how that bridges to singularity.

Project idea:
I would love to build some platform to allow anonymous interpretations of symbols and their connections. Any references to build from idea to actualization on the web are welcome. Such would inspire me to do more frequent scrying. I would want this platform to also welcome others to scry in some community driven fashion. I was thinking such system most appropriately be hosted off the Aleatory Records site from a sub-domain.

I want to put scrying at my center conscience to assist in the dissimilation between the dis- mis- information on the external.

I would welcome first persons with non-affiliated openness in their approach to understanding.


[EMERGENCY ACTION] "Anti-Protest" Ordinance in Chicago, to be voted at City Hall THIS Tuesday

Produced at multikulti, I worked on the post production:

Emergency Action in Chicago :: 10am CT :: Tuesday Jan. 17 2012 :: Rahm to introduce "Anti-Protest" legislation / ordinance :: CITY HALL :: If passed, that will be the end of Occupy Chicago, and a detriment to future protests and activism.

Everyone is urged to show up at City Hall, 9am CT, TUESDAY to show support against this legislation / ordinance.

The drafting of this legislation / ordinance was initially intended to be enforced only during the Chicago G8/NATO conference in May. Rahm recently asserted this legislation, once passed, would be permanent.


Change of Priorities

Today is a turning point where my time and resources will focus inward out instead of outward in. That is, I will no longer focus on the input negative resonance of fear and uncertainty. From this point on I will resonate an output through art, that is from the soul and warmth that is from the heart. For over a decade I have allowed the negative resonance of information input to control and enslave my will and I have identified that as the root to my in-balance.


Eye (Light) Scry experiment...

Here I scry with A/C LED light and draw what I see with 30 changes in each set of 3.



The End to the End...

According to a recent interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre with Andromeda Council representative the intergalactic war against the Draco Reptilians and Grey's influence over Earth with it's gloomy onset of the Oligarch New World Order is near it's end. Paraphrased they are now playing their last hand and the council is fully aware and will pull the plug on any false flag alien attack.



Personal Past Track: Rupert, Japan etc...

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Got me thinking again about my past events...and my supposed "black boxes" in TVs. How can a TV become a listening device? Speakers can act as mics...what else??? How can a cabled television be sent a discriminated program packet and then change to the standard programming when circumstances change? Has the government been the scape goat and as result under influence of Rupert's "master plan???" Before my hospitalization to Methodist of Bethany the emergency room and hospital asked who was after me. They asked repeatedly, especially at Methodist. I said "Rupert!" Unfortunately I moved from Rupert to emotional sensitivity to conspiracy that E.T.s were being bred and in-slaved in our earth. What evidence I had was evidence and witness of discriminatory programming through the cabled television. I also witnessed this discriminatory programming at one of the mental hospitals I was in. Programming that caused the unit to close and send everyone to their beds early.

Here is a snip of that programming, here on A&E, about some folks on Social Security Disability that get entangled in a murder investigation. What I did not capture was a comedian that was yelling "Obama has been caught! Obama is going down!" being repeated several times and when I woke up my roommate to bare witness the program changed. Lance you had introduced me to the gas-lighting tactics.

Here is snippet of that program (strange commercials too, and their jux-position):
This was uploaded directly from my camera the same night I asked to be admitted. What had prompted me is that I called 9/11 and let it ring three times then I hung up. I never got a call back. So I left a message with the Investigator Sheriffs office of the incident. Then I called 9/11 again and in less than two rings I got a hold of

Also perhaps related is what maybe intelligible "garble" recorded on my voice mail. I suspected ET communication at the time. However this may also be another gas lighting tactic. I stumbled upon this when I was hooking up a new fax to my Clear VOIP connection. I tested a call from the fax machine (has phone) to my iphone. When my iphone picked up I got this:

While in contact with a researcher at DARPA, a black copter appeared several yards from my window, direct sight, quiet, for about three minutes. Shortly after I feel into a depression lasting three months. I was reacting spontaneously and without much awareness to the result of my actions and to persons I did not know or have had relationship personally. I have since then removed any direct communication between persons I do not personally know, as pointed out by the DARPA employee I had contacted responding paraphrased: We have never met [...] I am not aware if DARPA handles these reports and I am not the person to contact regarding this material.

Somehow it got on the Clear Phone voice mail days after I expressed the content to a Clear employee. The voice mail was only the content being received and did not record the content of ambience or otherwise on my end.

Also doesn't Rupert own something associated with 3G back in 2000 or 1999? I'm using 4G with my internet. 3G with iPhone. This may be a source of concern relating to the News Corp hacking litigation, that as of recent, (March 2011) has result in many arrests and on verge of opening up litigation of a much bigger conspiracy on the extent of the phone hacking, now exposing The Sun, still mostly concentrated in the U.K.

During the winter when I came across peculiarities with communications I did some feedback with the Theremin app tests between phone and VOIP and noticed some inconsistent delays and frequencies between the feedback that I assumed at time was suggestive of wiretapping / phone hacking. Shortly before that time I had requested through Clear and ATT to subpoena on my records. Occurrences few days later led me to 2nd level IT with Clear and he said straight out before I spoke, "Our lines have crossed, Clear and ATT" and I just went into what I wanted "transfer to US Embassy in Japan" I was seeking on several times in the week to secure Asylum rights in Japan. I had a potential sponsor living in Japan.

Appears to me some corporations, perhaps tied to News Corp and the Bilderberg Group are set out to cripple the world governments and eventually cripple it's resources to prosecute in order for the corporate NWO take over plan as described in a 2003 email from Rockfeller, whom outlined the general master plan toward a one government theocracy.

From Rockeffeler Communications 

To the great sea of mankind,

The time of the end is upon us. Like it or hate it, it's the destiny
we must all face. On September 11, 2001 the world was witness to the
beginning of the end. What you saw and experienced will be nothing
compared to the calamity that is to soon transpire. It is sad that so
many lives will be taken - but these things will continue to happen as
this old system begins to collapse.

No human government in existence now or since the ancient times have
been able to sustain a perfect order. Every government has failed and
will fail. They can not protect you. They can not give you a place
where people are truly free, where your neighbors are your family and
foreigners are your friends. No human government today can or will
ever be able to achieve this. That is why the Agenda has been set. It
has been referred to over time as the Armageddon Agenda. But be not
fearful. It will not be a nuclear holocaust or some stray asteroid
from the heavens that will level our civilization. In fact it's not
the planet that will suffer and be swept away. It will be the human
inhabitants of this great planet who have no respect or genuine regard
for their fellow human beings. Each one of you over the next year must
do some very deep and sincere thinking. Will I overcome my hatred for
my fellowman or will I put aside my differences and unite and care for
my neighbor? Will I treat them with kindness? Or will I continue to
take advantage of them? When was the last time you took a person in
off the street and gave them some food or helped them find shelter for
the night? Or sat beside someone on a bus, in a mall, on a train and
said Hello. When did you last comfort a stranger who had lost someone
they loved. When was the last time you befriended someone not because
of their possessions or their wealth - but because you cared about

None of the above is easy. It is hard. None of us are perfect. None of
us have had a good life. Some think that because we have suffered to
some degree that we deserve what ever we can get - even if it means
hurting another person in the process. But those who try and rise up
against our negative ways will survive and will be rewarded with a
life on earth that right now is only a dream. Only the meek will
possess the earth.

This is a certainty.

The New System is coming. The only question is: Will you choose to be
there? Or will you continue to go down the road to self destruction.
It's up to you. The following Agenda is what will happen and what you
will need to endure through to survive and get there. So think deeply.
It's your future. And may you do well.

======== AGENDA TO THE NEW WORLD =========

The steps will be:

1) A complete irresolvable collapse of Middle Eastern peace.

2) Vatican city will fall to religious terrorists.

2) World-Wide Crack Down on all religion. All Religions will be

3) United Nations will establish an interm one world government
state, followed by a declaration of worldwide peace and security.

4) Sudden and systematic collapse of Great Britain, Chinese
and the United States Governments. The rest of the world will fall
into anarchy. Billions will perish. Only those of good-will, and
followers of the truth will survive.

5) New system government of 144,000 members and 6 million
plus subjects will take control.

6) Massive cleanup operation will commence as New World is
created. Eco-systems will be restored. Infrastructures re-built. Sickness
and disease will be eliminated. Aging will be reversed and the aging
process itself will cease. A New restored human family will gradually
bring the earth into paradisaical conditions under theocratic rule.

======== END OF AGENDA =========

Your Brother


Is News Corp a main brach conspirator?

(edited/updated March 4 2012)


As the crowd cheers around the world I shut off the TV...

...actually I don't have a TV and see all the cheer on the social networks.

Osama bin Laden dead April 24th 2011 Pakistan and 12 new Elvis Presley's found still alive. Terror alert now "green" :P ... now back to the real issues...

You should induce probabilities based on what the media omits. This is nothing new. The good news, however irrational, does set the tone to end the war on "terror."

Keyword "a":


Fear and Loathing on Planet Earth

I am coming to a sense that in the future fear is the weapon of choice and if you fear, that fear will feedback and destroy you.
    •  So we go back to the start of WWII with the famous FDR quote "Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself..." (recall fascism was alive and well in America during Hitler's rise, ref: Charlie Chaplin) The fear machine is building it's fearful public from media fear, government fear to fear of aliens attacking, and through this army of fear would prep the world populace for destruction. So my advice, if you want to prosper in the future, fear nothing. And fear nothing is what scares "evil." Evil is defined in a riddle as any growth or interruption there of that derails the product of growth sum of last two growths. Power of greed and control over this natural order is the evil we are up against. If this evil was not in place then Tesla and his ideas would prosper, not Edison, and so it would follow that the Tesla electric company would be transmitting electricity through the medium of radio waves receptive to any properly tuned recievers.


Flossing Geopolitical Excretions

There are internal and public politics and the internal is very much privileged. It is however no progress to point fingers of hate. When the wind changes then all the flags eventuality flow in that direction. Those that choose the public life of change need to be sly or they are idiots.


Free admission to Digital Signage Expo....

I have a free admission code to the event through Emerson Network Power, ONEAC AC.

I would give this to someone within my computer network that can relay back to me new technological developments in/relating to protections.


An Appeal to Apple of Something May Already Coming....

I have created for myself an anticipation that Apple will eventually release multi-touch screens from Perceptive Pixel starting at sizes ideally for me 20x30" and above. I know this because the 10.6 OS I heard has multi-cursor capabilities, correct me if I am wrong. Ubuntu I know for sure has it.

The Right to Bare Arms Shall Not Be Infringed....

The founding fathers carefully chose the word "arms" for it's equivable use to include everything from weapons to our physical arms. It is not a right but a liberty to have physical arms. However it is a right to communicate on levels that have not yet been prescribed by popular norm. Therefor, the establishment of the FCC may infringe upon our right to communicate and communication is equivable to the right to bare arms.

Proposing Relations Between IBM and Apple...

Apple should have a new line of products under the classification of civilian defense and communications.

1. IBM RISC processor line of Macs with built in A/C line-conditioners and built in 4G connectivity.
2. 4G option to thread bandwidth or multiplex communications between ATT, Verizon and other networks forthcoming.
3. Sell an analog to digital spectro-oscilloscope BUS card adaptable to coaxial connections to spectro-analysis input devices.
4. Multi-touch Screens from 20x30" and larger from Perceptive Pixel.
5. Partnership with me for more information, resume [here] p/w protected.


Introducing GITA HOUSE...

I would like to introduce you to an upcoming project I created with Aleatory Records at the multikulti space:

Philanthropists that identify themselves as servants of God's will (ओम्) for the God willing or what I call simply "Good Wills" are all invited as it is very much related to the way of Jesus and Brahmans on an esoteric level. We will teach and learn from each other the methods and tools of technology and focus them towards love and bring those teachings and journeys to the world diligently.

Please forward to those inclined to contribute who you believe are at a state of assimilating towards Gita House.



On Libel and Medical Malpractice

Season's Greetings,

I have finally been discharged from River Edge unit 2N around about 6pm on 14/1/2011, from Forest Park (8311 Roosevelt, 708-771-7000), today, since transfer from Our Lady of Resurrection, after 9-11 call from restaurant owner of mexican restaurant at Belmont and Cicero after becoming deathly ill, since same day I was discharged after an hour at Mary of Nazareth with a diagnosis of the GI virus. Before on same day of the 23rd of December 2010 I vomited clear and immediately called 9/11 for physical. At time of call two men ran from the door of 1000 N. Milwaukee (Multikulti) to their what appeared to me construction vehicles and drove off. I had noticed them there an hour before my ill taken.

My concern is the state of affairs of the civility of mental hospitals in the USA and perhaps globally, that there is a relation of staff dis-honesty over time to mental stability repore over time. That said, I have been through 16 mental hospital visits since 2004, therein my voluntarily enlistment in counter intelligence in 2003 unnamed agencies of which I constitute no direct order but of my on virtue, I have observed both libel in physical, psychological and emotion abuse between staff to client and medical mal-practice to the fullest extent, in all cases except for my stay at Methodist in August of 2010. 
A client of current decree at River Edge 2N is named Adnres Cheves, feared of deportation, since 25th of December 2010 been through jail, then prison before intake to River Edge. Upon arrival client possessed muscle dyslexia, unable to move due to fear of non-trust to his environment and lag from exposer to unjust treatment to prior environment.

I gained his trust quickly. He began to recover and move and talk in English and Spanish. There after he was put on an overdose of Hal Dal and ridiculed and physically beaten, bruised and scared by a "Tyson Page" among other staff following same orders from some evil directives. Equipped with cell phones the staff react to orders received therein in the moment of contact between staff and client. The medication caused the client Cheves to shake and droll compulsively making is way to eat, sleep and participate in activities difficult. This treatment had gone on over two weeks of my stay and regardless of my contracts and agreements on paper to staff, doctors, psychologist and sociologist serving clients on 2N, Mr. Cheves remained ignored.

It was through my assist to his being assertive that his Doctor took him off Haldal and replaced with Cogenten, a medication specifically to resolve side-effects from psychotropics.

Andres Cheves has never been on anti-psychotics nor does he have a diagnosis prior to his intake. Therefore it his my firm declaration that a sapena be ordered by judge to whom it concerns to bring the matter of libel and medical mal-practice to court with gag order from the media.

This is a case that will ignite a procession of litigations of mental hospitals on a national, perhaps even global scale. Namely, there is a conflict of interest between Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies to the point civil criminality.

Upon discharge, regardless of stability of current regime between doctor and client, the client is prescribed an over bearing dose of medication upon discharge, usually medication unrelated to the working regime.

The norm of psychotropics among citizens has become not just the norm but the prominent. One must ask, why?

My observations of my visits to mental hospitals since 2004 will be inclusive to Pundit #1 on Health and Nutrition, of which makes direct accusation to re-emergence of McCarthism, or fear of a common decoy enemy.

It is on behalf of my forth coming appeal to Pundit #1 that I proclaim the effort of the Pentagon and likeforth agencies, companies and parties is an ends of destabilization to eventual extermination of the majority population of the world, toward a horrific oligarchy.

DEF CON 5 may have been declared through DARPA on 24th of December, resulting in the freeze of the FCC and coordination of NORAD, in lieu of fear-mongering of the prior media propaganda, that extra-terrestrial intelligent life has been lament lurking in front of our Sun, a distance away from flares, using a parabolic reflector to the ray to focus point of ray energy for future use and away of radiance from damage to UFO vessel,

A signal will be received with proper coordination and discloser of CSETI once a threat to the well being of the intelligent beings is clearly disarmed via affective litigation of the Pentagon and likewise privatized forces therein.

Please find linked a letter to President Barack Obama detailing UFO and E.T. discloser: