Religion according to Einsteine and the East

I think there is a distinction with term religion coming from the West and to the East is what Einstein identified with.  

Einstein was not conventional when it came to the meaning of religion. Rather religion was more an experience of consciousness. He did not believe in a soul or prayer. He believed in a singularity (God) and it's relationship to humans in the same sense human relation is to Aum.  

Can you call Einstein an atheist? Can you call an orthodox Hindu (astika) an atheist? Perhaps that is another question concerning the meaning of God.

There is a tendency from the West to identify God as a material being, taking literally that we are created in his image. The Bibles of the world are like a pouring out from "above" through beings as conduits. This can be a greater consciousness that all living beings tap into. The Vedas express the whole process of this "pouring out" and has a science to the concept of being as conduit to consciousness.

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