The "All is Number" on the word "Tangent"

A page on my book "Aleatory Freedom"

Chapter on Evolutionary Learning and Adaptation
This is primal I think that thought lends it self to tangents.

A child plays with tangents and that is observed as just play.

Geometric thought will tend to the same tangents, only the player is aware of what axioms support the structure, for they are only tangents for those who observe catagories as non-transperant or bounded.

Since there is a transparenthood of thought to behavior, both child and geometric thought lead to non-normal behavior patterns for those who observe catagories as non-transperant or bounded.

Bounded non-transperant is often seen in todays lexative as "structure."

However what is structure of chaos to an eye that seek comfert in repetition becomes observed as random.

It is this observation of random that tends to the primal fear of uncertainty.

The uncertainty leads to the requires of law and order towards control of the scalar invariance of the natural order of things.

It is this combined with the foot of categorizational observation (knowledge) that lead us to negative momentums and directions.

The axiom of "All is Number" is thus, not philo- of knowledge, but of observation.

For observation results in art from the heart, and in a society of those teachings the people become self governed in the most individual sense.

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