On the Equality of God

Everything is equal. Just shapes and forms are expressed. We put labels to certain combinations of shapes and forms and identify our labels to what is God and that is how we begin to divide. Purity is to be translucent to experience, not bonded to construct or interpretation. Religion sets some paths. Self-religion path toward divinity is like bible teach to teach self path. Human create error due to constructs. Be aware that human as conduit is never purely translucent. Jesus is no exception, or any other. Religion should be more an art, nothing set in stone. Like Hinduism, liturature (ie Bible) is and should be art, and by bible I do not mean singular. It is a procession that new works of God be written for one's own development. To impose one's bible or art on another is a regression from the divine. Water is divine in that it expresses the wind purely by it's displacement. Our construct gets in the way of this displacement and promote disorder.

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