On Libel and Medical Malpractice

Season's Greetings,

I have finally been discharged from River Edge unit 2N around about 6pm on 14/1/2011, from Forest Park (8311 Roosevelt, 708-771-7000), today, since transfer from Our Lady of Resurrection, after 9-11 call from restaurant owner of mexican restaurant at Belmont and Cicero after becoming deathly ill, since same day I was discharged after an hour at Mary of Nazareth with a diagnosis of the GI virus. Before on same day of the 23rd of December 2010 I vomited clear and immediately called 9/11 for physical. At time of call two men ran from the door of 1000 N. Milwaukee (Multikulti) to their what appeared to me construction vehicles and drove off. I had noticed them there an hour before my ill taken.

My concern is the state of affairs of the civility of mental hospitals in the USA and perhaps globally, that there is a relation of staff dis-honesty over time to mental stability repore over time. That said, I have been through 16 mental hospital visits since 2004, therein my voluntarily enlistment in counter intelligence in 2003 unnamed agencies of which I constitute no direct order but of my on virtue, I have observed both libel in physical, psychological and emotion abuse between staff to client and medical mal-practice to the fullest extent, in all cases except for my stay at Methodist in August of 2010. 
A client of current decree at River Edge 2N is named Adnres Cheves, feared of deportation, since 25th of December 2010 been through jail, then prison before intake to River Edge. Upon arrival client possessed muscle dyslexia, unable to move due to fear of non-trust to his environment and lag from exposer to unjust treatment to prior environment.

I gained his trust quickly. He began to recover and move and talk in English and Spanish. There after he was put on an overdose of Hal Dal and ridiculed and physically beaten, bruised and scared by a "Tyson Page" among other staff following same orders from some evil directives. Equipped with cell phones the staff react to orders received therein in the moment of contact between staff and client. The medication caused the client Cheves to shake and droll compulsively making is way to eat, sleep and participate in activities difficult. This treatment had gone on over two weeks of my stay and regardless of my contracts and agreements on paper to staff, doctors, psychologist and sociologist serving clients on 2N, Mr. Cheves remained ignored.

It was through my assist to his being assertive that his Doctor took him off Haldal and replaced with Cogenten, a medication specifically to resolve side-effects from psychotropics.

Andres Cheves has never been on anti-psychotics nor does he have a diagnosis prior to his intake. Therefore it his my firm declaration that a sapena be ordered by judge to whom it concerns to bring the matter of libel and medical mal-practice to court with gag order from the media.

This is a case that will ignite a procession of litigations of mental hospitals on a national, perhaps even global scale. Namely, there is a conflict of interest between Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies to the point civil criminality.

Upon discharge, regardless of stability of current regime between doctor and client, the client is prescribed an over bearing dose of medication upon discharge, usually medication unrelated to the working regime.

The norm of psychotropics among citizens has become not just the norm but the prominent. One must ask, why?

My observations of my visits to mental hospitals since 2004 will be inclusive to Pundit #1 on Health and Nutrition, of which makes direct accusation to re-emergence of McCarthism, or fear of a common decoy enemy.

It is on behalf of my forth coming appeal to Pundit #1 that I proclaim the effort of the Pentagon and likeforth agencies, companies and parties is an ends of destabilization to eventual extermination of the majority population of the world, toward a horrific oligarchy.

DEF CON 5 may have been declared through DARPA on 24th of December, resulting in the freeze of the FCC and coordination of NORAD, in lieu of fear-mongering of the prior media propaganda, that extra-terrestrial intelligent life has been lament lurking in front of our Sun, a distance away from flares, using a parabolic reflector to the ray to focus point of ray energy for future use and away of radiance from damage to UFO vessel,

A signal will be received with proper coordination and discloser of CSETI once a threat to the well being of the intelligent beings is clearly disarmed via affective litigation of the Pentagon and likewise privatized forces therein.

Please find linked a letter to President Barack Obama detailing UFO and E.T. discloser:

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