Fear and Loathing on Planet Earth

I am coming to a sense that in the future fear is the weapon of choice and if you fear, that fear will feedback and destroy you.
    •  So we go back to the start of WWII with the famous FDR quote "Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself..." (recall fascism was alive and well in America during Hitler's rise, ref: Charlie Chaplin) The fear machine is building it's fearful public from media fear, government fear to fear of aliens attacking, and through this army of fear would prep the world populace for destruction. So my advice, if you want to prosper in the future, fear nothing. And fear nothing is what scares "evil." Evil is defined in a riddle as any growth or interruption there of that derails the product of growth sum of last two growths. Power of greed and control over this natural order is the evil we are up against. If this evil was not in place then Tesla and his ideas would prosper, not Edison, and so it would follow that the Tesla electric company would be transmitting electricity through the medium of radio waves receptive to any properly tuned recievers.

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