4. Language

Relationship of feedback process loop representation of sensory information of systems that respond back in reality that concur a relationship of feedback with response, and with Will of thought from response to Reality of both or more systems, is language through communication.

A schizophrenic may have the answers to everything but not the organization to communicate them so that they could be understood to himself and then to others.

The quality of the accessories of language, that being relations and correlations to our relationships of our sensed and imagined reality and those concepts symbolically represented, provides for what tools of these accessories are necessary to insure what level of thought can be reached. Can the gap of communication between humans and apes, for example, while being dissolved though our relationships with them, bring out of them an individuality we were not aware?

My cat is an individual as demonstrated by it’s character of behavior. Could this imply and perhaps can we induce that behavior is dependent on thought process and if thought process is individual, then so is behavior? If we introduce a language of accessories to this animal, does that give the animal individual thought processes an individuality in thinking?

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