The Puking Multitasking Epidemic

There are too few systems that I have used that demonstrate protected and preemtive multitasking.

There is no reason why a browser's PUKE (or other app) should cause it to take up all system resources to a point where it become unreasonable to do anything with the computer without first doing a hard boot.

I have yet to see this technology in Windows, OS/X or Linux. I have found this technology effective in OS/2 and Amiga OS, both of which require no more than 4mb of memory to operate and a disk space of 20mb.

I would think this is the number one issue that the Operating System market would address to attract more market.

You cannot control how an application runs, however as an Operating System you have full control over the resources you grant to that application. Processes should be contained in their own virtual machine, Period!

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