Chance Vs. Randomness and the Role of Synchronicity

I am imagining a connection between synchronicity and scalar invariance, that is something is to be said about numerology and the like...not that it presents meaning or predictability--there is no meaning but what we give it. There is a fractal nature of seemingly unrelated events in the moment-- All having an origin from a singular event...which can sound like a bunch of metronomes going off in the now...they are all the same sound just different arrangements. Observing this where the observation is not in the equation, unrelated events produce correlations from a fixed view point. With poly rhythms of metronomes going off exhibit cycles and these cycles correlate due to their fixed rhythms. The same cycles are exhibited from cars crossing, people passing a hall the alignments of which at certain points coincidence, become parallel, perpendicular or symmetric.

The nature of chance is NOT random. The distribution of occurrences is not equal but consistently unequal, likewise the nature of a fractal. I will continue to explore the possibilities of this.

Here is an article on Scalar Invarience which has influenced my thoughts about chance.

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