Light Experiment and NWOs

I have some exceptions in my personal exploration of the inner workings of our reality....to turn a Foveon sensor into a photon beam refraction and slit detector. I would like to record the bio feedback of visual light to mind on camera. What biofeedback comes to mind when looking at an LED (feedback between mind and adjusting the crossing of my eyes and record that information on camera.)?
I find through a couple years of exploration, especially with LEDs in particular....there is an association made between thought and sight and I believe this can be recorded by a device external to the experience.
Why do I think this can be done?
My father mentioned an experiment where two guys in different rooms were blindfolded and a light was shined in front of one of the guys and the other guy reported seeing the light. I do believe these people were induced with something to put them both in a conscious state...free of thought and in the here now.
The big question if this is possible depends....does observation have control over light or does observation have control over perception of light? Either answer opens up a can of worms. Especially when it is applied to free will.
This experience can broaden the concept of uncertainty principle to the power of mind and light as well as mind and chance (commonly used as tools for psychic ability.)
There are powers of this world, shadows I like to call it that has since the destruction of the library of Alexandria (perhaps even before) been bent on destruction of knowledge and greed. I see this recent move to have an Internet kill switch be part of this plan to bring darkness into our world. There are many NWO players...the one I like is the Venus Project. There is one in power now that use fear to breed fear and it is fear that controls...currently the propaganda to instill fear of Muslims is growing and F0X news and other media are adding more momentum to this fear.
Back to metaphysics (I find modern physics to be limited and does not take into account consciousness, self awareness, mind and brain connection etc.)
Would it connect chance/uncertainty power of will...the feedback between observation and reaction I think clearly supports freedom of will. Or is will a microcosm of all, Om, God, dog whatever you want to call all and all knowing.
Taping into light, sound or being in the now by not thinking and opening up peripheral can you glimpse at past and future? Is this key to freedom and time travel with mind? In the dark ages psychics were destroyed (mostly women.)
I believe that the spin of quarks is derived from a 3D matrix represented in a binary notation, 1=0 but not at same time or different sides of same coin. There are 3 positions and 9 possibilities (3^2) at any given moment per quark. The composition of matter is a contained interaction of these positions....how balanced the reactions reflects the chemical properties of the matter from density to strength and potential interaction with other matters. These matters can be expressed as mediums of which waves travel. Waves can be used and calibrated with pulses to interact with not only the composition of matter but also with levitation and a temporary change in physical state.
I have some questions about light and sound...particularly light. I think light holds all the answers and is perhaps the key to freedom. An access to all answers.
Current is also another question....there is speed at which electricity travels but then there is current which is instant with AC...this opens the doors for stellar communication and between beings of other distant planets. May even open the door for stellar travel likewise presented in the movie Contact.
Experiment results coming soon...

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