Light Experiment Part One: One Eye Light...

I have concluded that observation does not change state of light...rather it changes perception of state of light. This links mind to reactionary brain.

I used a Helios lens adapted to a 2.2x bellows mostly fully extended.

Complete observation of light part one:

 Street Lights:

Notice the spots...more about that resolved in next couple captures...

Merge of two light sources:

 In the latter the spot patterns are repeated in both light sources. What I gather is the imperfections of the lens are amplified with respect to the relation from focal point.


 The patterns captured here are void of awareness or thought so they are entirely subjective. However, add awareness with biofeedback between thought and observation you get direct response to thought....The challenge I am faced with is being able to capture what is also observed in the biofeedback of light most notably Light Emitting Diodes.

 Would like a dual lens where each lens can rotate.

 Also met someone last night that works on AI and robotics. I informed him of my experiments with light and he was very engaged in the discussion.

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