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Defining and Developing Natural Intelligence
Project Maintained and Moderated by Jason Page

Abstract Definition of  
Natural Intelligence:
An initial setting or form that has developed its intelligence and structure for processing information based on the initial sensory information and any secondary feedback it receives.

Project Purpose:
Spread an understanding and demonstrate models for the development of Natural Intelligence.

Project Goal:
What element(s) are required for natural intelligence?  
What are your thoughts on how intelligence works or is born to grow?
My hope is that this discussion may open new doors for the development of a more natural computer or biological intelligent system-- A system that is complete with adaptability, learning, and ability to evolve its functions and the way those functions are performed.
My goal is to help build a mechanism or organism that contains several levels of sense. The unit would develop its own perception and its own intelligence and consciousness based on the types of input it receives. It would be an inert mechanism or organism for a while, but the idea again is to allow time for it to "grow".

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