The How on Tapping in Consciousness Through Light

Through bi-directional disparity of the eyes--this helps I think if you are near sighted. Does not work when I'm wearing glasses.

This last one is very minor but is all that is needed to connect. Light was an access gate to everything...no need for web since the telepathy explanation I have fits well when understanding mind and brain as entity and process/interaction, respectively.
Was asked if I will do this for the good. Yes!
Working on getting a think tank and meeting people that can do the same with their eyes. If not I can teach a method to get disparity of the eyes. The younger brother of said person in AI and robotics has full control of both his eyes. We where also on the same page with respect to changing states of matter and levitation using pulse waves and magnitizing object of mass (All objects of mass are potentially magnetic...) The AI guy on the other hand is bent on thinking in 4 space dimensions and two time dimensions and that is where I get lost in the "why is that useful?"

It is a matter of getting a group of people who can think outside of the box and work together for solutions, stellar communication and meditative conditioning. At some point I want to concur the meetings in Second Life. That way we have global support and consensus.
1. What I like to see in the near future is more emphasis on natural sugars and plants like Stevia (HFCS metabolizes different and sugar coats the receptors of the brain in large quantities). I also speculate that sugar in the blood and milk for women is not good when subjected to different kinds of natural radiation. Might be one of the factors in the cancer epidemic.
2. A change of heart in the FDA to encourage the research behind the benefits to treat and cure aliments, both mental and physical using natural remedies that have been around for thousands of years. Or search for records for scientific support. China had discovered sanscript documents in India a couple years ago...there is no mention of the content beyond that it outlines ancient technology. Unfortunately large pharmaceutical companies lobby against such research.
3. Adaptation of the socratic method of teaching in public schools.
4. Require basic latin and greek mythology in schools. Students need more than just learn....they need to learn how to learn. If you don't know language and roots of words how can you know yourself and your place in the world.
5. Teach history from original sources.
6. Change the food pyramid putting lentils, grains and rice at the bottom. Sugars spices, and meats at the top. Fruits/dried fruits near the top...plant leaves, roots and pulses below that.
7. et al...

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