On Eye relation to reality

Understanding the eye requires understanding...
f(Global Reality):(mind/brian)+eye=individual reality.

The Eye is more than just a mirror to the world.

The eye or what we see is a scope of Reality that is processed in the mind which reacts in the brian.

Connections made from Brian (One focal point on circum.=individuality) to Mind (Ocean=all is one)

We create law with language to distinguish in categories to adapt our social structures to reality. We are social beings and our survival depends on it.

The final two images in this series show how we are a part and contained in God/Reality/Aum/et al...and how we can think outside the box which we are contained:

(Above photo used with permission from Ken Goldberg)

One who conforms to a collective construct of reality and not questions it
is simply satisfied with invisible spirits
and their perceptions are boarded
 inside the ethos of their time.

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