Summery of Open Think Tank meeting #001

Meeting was a success!

Left to right:
Camrone #1, Camrone #2, Brian, Victor, Mike

Unfortunately no tripod so no Jason in the photo :P

We video-casted the meeting via ustream.tv to Second Life and on the web. We had 28 viewers online and six physical participants. Meeting ran over 2 1/2 hours with a 15 minute intermission of drums, keyboards and piano.

Topics included psychic-kinetics, stellar communication, tele-kinetics, quantum mind, mind imprints, scale invariance as it relates to chance predictions as well as topics more relevant to social dis-harmony, the problem sources and resolutions--was more general discussions, no particular focus, rather to get to know one another.

A list of growing topics are listed in the document below. We tried recording audio and two video, despite all our efforts all recording failed. So I will try my best to recap the meeting inside the topic list document:


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