Introducing World Think Tank and First Meeting Tonight at 12am.


The objective of Open Think Tank is to discuss social issues facing the world today, get to the problem source and come up with solutions. Meetings will be video tapped and shared on youtube and on archive.org. I, Jason Page and Cooperative Media will be hosting the event.

Meeting officially starts at 12am tonight. Physical location will be 1000 N. Milwaukee. Buzz "Cooperative Media" at the keypad.
Please try to arrive by 11pm for social networking before the meeting (Very important to get to know one another.)

Here is a list of topics we will pick or vote on(more added later):
(not in any particular order)
Would you like to add to the list? Email me and I'll will grant you write access. (requires gmail account)

And here is where the meeting will be streamed live online and into Second Life:

To participate by voice you need the new Second Life Viewer 2.0 for flash video support.

You will also need to install Quicktime:

In second life search keyword for "place" or "location" is "Open Photo Gallery." Search group name "Open Think Tank" to join the group inworld.

Warm Regards,
Jason Page

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