The Flutterby Relationship: Understanding the Ultra Sensitive

The Flutterby Relationship: Understanding the Ultra Sensitive.
By Jason Page
Published through Aleatory Records 2010

The butterfly person is wise, fragile, gentle, sensitive and powerful.

The combination of these characteristics creates a humble persona that absorbs the world and assimilates thoughts through continual day dreaming throughout daily routine and relaxation or meditation.

The assimilation process of the developmental years is slow but calculated. After mature development the person is well grounded on axiom based deduction with relation to facts of the world perceived. This process of axiom based differentiation builds wisdom as structure to knowledge.

The person is fragile to harsh stimuli related to physical, emotional, spiritual and energy presence. Any instance of harsh stimuli to this or later reflection thereof can be a trigger of an intense localized electro-chemical feedback loop in the brain between a small network of receptors.

The person is gentle to touch, energy and thought. Any touch should be mutual with positive energy. Any slight deviation of the positive energy will immediately derail the mutual experience. The positive energy comes from the sincerity and authenticity of thought to mutuality of being gentle, loving and connected.

The person is sensitive to energy that is reflected in expression and demeanor. The sensitivity is acute enough to pickup wave lengths outside the perceptual spectrum. Any harsh waves can be a trigger for seizures. Likewise any communication that is harsh between the plane of singularity (mind) and perceptive reality (brain) can also trigger seizures.

The person is powerful with respect to will. Anything that gives will to the ultra sensitive will be worthy of glorification if channeled properly.

The wisdom, fragility, gentleness, sensitivity and power of the ultra sensitive is what results in the stigma of disorder associated with persons with chronic seizures. A world that is complicated with disorder is no kind world for the ultra sensitive. I proclaim that such a world as now demands an ethos of peace and harmony. Otherwise for survival the butterfly person must develop friends with the most dominant of species to protect itself.


Anonymous said...

jason, who is your friend that has seizures? these are very eloquent and powerful words to describe a person or persons. how do you handle the harshness and controlling aspects of outside forces?

"Smells like a Rose" said...

There are three channels of stimuli:

1. Perceptive/Cognitive.
2. Waves that interfere with brain physiology.
3. Consciousness.


1. Mental defensiveness and exercises that spread activity of brain so bed of nails is many and spread and not one.

2. Shielding by lead and use of electro-magnetic reverse wave cancellation are my first thoughts.

3. The mind and brain connection would be meditative mind bio feedback training to gain control over that channel of assault.